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Zipp 808 NSW Carbon Clincher Tubeless HR (2019)

Zipp 808 NSW Carbon Clincher Tubeless HR (2019)


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The 808 NSW Carbon Clincher Tubeless allows you to run tubeless or traditional clinchers. The benefits of tubeless include superior flat protection, the ability to run lower pressures, and a smoother ride with high cornering grip and low rolling resistance. The 808 NSW Carbon Clincher Tubeless wheels – along with the 303 and 404 versions -- also feature a wider 19mm internal rim width and corresponding outer rim shape for aerodynamic optimization with 25mm tires. Tires such as the Zipp Tangente RT25 Road Tubeless are a perfect match for this wheelset to deliver exceptionally low rolling resistance and high cornering grip.

When it comes time to slow for a corner, our NSW exclusive Showstopper™ brake track stands ready to deliver the best modulation and shortest stopping distances available, regardless of weather conditions or the length of the descent.

Rear Wheel:

  • Weight: 998g
  • Hub Used: Cognition
  • Rim Depth: 82mm
  • Brake Track Width (center): 26.4mm
  • Max Width: 28mm
  • Internal Width: 19mm
  • Spokes: Spam® CX-Sprint
  • Spoke Count: 24
  • Spoke Length Non-Drive: 236mm
  • Spoke Pattern Non-Drive: 2 Cross
  • Spoke Length Drive: 234mm
  • Spoke Pattern Drive: 2 Cross
  • Max Tire Pressure: 125psi
  • Max Tire Pressure: 8.62bars
  • 11-speed compatible hub: Yes
  • XDR Compatible: Yes
  • Track Adaptable: No
  • Dimpled Surface: ABLC™ SawTooth™ Technology
  • Nipples: Sapim® secure-lock
  • Tubeless: Yes
  • Rotor Interface: N/A